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lost in the forest

lost in the forest

August, 2018

Sprinting through the forest

    The crunching leaves echo all around me

I know it’s near

    Looking back will only slow me down

        But as the fear that it’s closer than the echo’s relay takes over

I look back

It’s nowhere to be found


Suddenly I see nothing except for an infinite amount of darkness


        All around me


Unable to comprehend if I am surrounded by nothing or something

    Or both all at once


I scream

    But no noise comes out


I cry

    But no tears are shed


I run

    But get nowhere


I am

    But I am not


I close my eyes

    But they stay open


Who trapped me in this eternal nothingness?

Where is it?

Where did it go?

Is it here?

Where am I?


I sit

I admit defeat and stare blankly ahead

Nothingness had won.

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