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green walls

green walls

March, 2019

Green colored walls and a sense of freshness

Starting anew in a small suburban town

Nights bouncing from hamburger helper dinners to little league practices

He is your world

He can do no wrong


Purple colored walls and a sense of security

The first one to hold you near and the man who holds your universe

You trust like bottles have never been opened

You love like there is no other way to live

You hug like he is the only thing able to keep you going


Blue colored walls and a sense of distrust

The one time occurrences become everyday traditions

You are engulfed by his swarm of lies

You connect dots that once seemed worlds apart


Now you see colors in new, duller shades


You resent the green walls

And the filth they are stained with


You resent the purple walls

And the horrors that they hold


You are trapped in the blue walls

And afraid of the colors to come

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