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sleep alone

sleep alone

My key twisted as the lock gave way

    Leading me in

Immediately I was greeted with his solemn presence

    His hair matted down

    His eyes looking weary

    His hands grasping the decrepit box of items which I had eagerly shoved under our bed months prior.


His voice,

    Seemingly calm,

        Begged for an explanation.


Dumbfounded I began spattering non-sense;

    They’re mine,

        They’re all mine.


He proceeded to take out the items one by one

    A tear stained letter signed “forever yours”,

        A rusted necklace, the moon embracing a star,

            A ticket stub to a movie I couldn’t legally get into,

                A handmade bracelet,

                    A burnt piece of fishing string,

                        An old receipt.

He glanced back up at me,

    Seemingly searching for an explanation I had yet to possess


He spoke no words

    Simply putting the box down 

        And walking out the door


It was then I realized

I lived alone.

- logan forbis

August, 2018 

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