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the empty bottle

the empty bottle


No one focuses

    On the empty bottle

Who witnessed the entire dispute

            Inspected all sides of the story

There when judgment began to lapse

                           Staying long after

       Observing all of the punches and the “I’ll get better I swear”s 

                         Its vision remained clear 

As surroundings faded into a blur


No one asks

    The empty bottle

Its side of the story is the only one you can truly believe

            For it saw it all 

Remaining silent throughout 


No one forgets 

    The empty bottle

And all the misery that came as an effect 

            Bringing a tsunami to once peaceful waters


Everyone blames the empty bottle 

    Forgetting whose frigid hands once grasped it 

The bottle cannot shout

It simply stays hushed through the slew of poor decisions 

No one focuses on the empty bottle

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